Semana Uma / Week One

This first week (which was last week) in residency at Casa Tomada was dedicated to getting to know my way around parts of São Paulo city and my talented fellow artists and curators in residence. You can view pics here.

T-Roe has a huge tattoo on one of his shoulders with stars and the name of his son. The tattoo was started and is still being worked on using a tattoo gun that is assembled using components from an AM/FM cassette player, a common ball-point ink pen, and a toothbrush. To make the ink, I am instructed, you burn the remaining plastic from the cassette player, collect the soot, and mix with water. I’ve started building this tattoo gun from my brother’s instructions.

I’m still working out the kinks and sourcing parts.

assembly of tattoo gun

So far I’ve gotten three letters and one postcard off to T-Roe, telling him about my exploration around the city here, complete with pictures and copies of Brazilian short stories as souvenirs. I think I should start receiving letters from him next week.

  1. Sophie Tuleburg said:

    Do you have a photo of T-Roe’s tattoo? Drawing?

    • I don’t have a photo of his tattoo. That could be interesting for illustrating on this blog what the gun can do. I could also tattoo his tattoo on something, couldn’t I?

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