To use or not to use: The Image

Several people have asked why I haven’t used any photographs of T-Roe on this blog (although there are several pixalated photos in the above banner).

I’ve thought much about it: whether or not he’d want it, how it could be read, how/if it would further the project.  And I realize that posting photos of my brother here can be read as using his image as a material. It isn’t my wish for him to be seen merely as a guy in prison with this tough face and strange uniform, not to mention the longevity of images released on the web. He will get out one day and, hopefully, he won’t be someone serving time any more. In a way using his image would put a sort of end to curiosity. The viewer would know what he looks like, might make certain conclusions about his personality, past experiences, convictions, dreams. And maybe, in turn, that would somehow influence me, and I’d really prefer to keep an open mind.

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  1. John Jay said:

    Well said. I agree with your assessment and the carefulness of the decision. Blessings.

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