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The turtles are two teenage and one adolescent, and now are mutant orange. When I’m out there, all I think about is being back home and C. and I being at the camp. I can’t even cast a line anymore because I’m so ready to be home. It actually makes me sick. All these memories of fishing with R. run through my head. So, I just can’t enjoy myself by fishing. I’ve become the shiner catcher (minnows). I use a seven foot dip net and walk the bank with a five gallon bucket and that net, and I always nail the bait. I find I get more peace doing for the crew by getting bait.

T-Roe, October 9, 2010

tattoo proposal, praia do espelho

tattoo proposal, praia do espelho, 62x32cm © Holly Pitre


detail, praia do espelho © Holly Pitre


tattoo proposal, minas mountains, 62x32cm © Holly Pitre