Sorry I haven’t written in so long, is a collaboration between visual artist, Holly Pitre, and her currently imprisoned oldest brother, T-Roe. In 2010, they started a process that involves writing, drawing, collecting, and making.

T-Roe was given a 23-year sentence that has been reduced to nine years for four counts of driving while intoxicated. He is the father of one son, enjoys woodworking, drawing, and the outdoors. He’s received his GED (US high school diploma) while in prison and has currently taken every college course offered at his facility.

Holly Pitre is and American artist born in Louisiana and living and working in São Paulo, Brazil and New York City. She has exhibited at the Museu Eugênio Teixeira Leal, Salvador, Brazil; ABC No Rio, New York City; New Jersey City University and the Bronx Art Space, among others. Past residencies include Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado University, São Paulo, Brazil, 2012; Ateliê Aberta, Casa Tomada, São Paulo, Brazil, 2011; 365 Days of Print, 2011; Wonder Woman 5: Ah, Motherland!, 2010, New Jersey, USA. Publications include Convivências 5 and Studio Visit Magazine, issue 15.


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