T-Roe has been told that he will go before the board that decides if he is qualified for the Transitional Work Program (formerly Work Release), one that allows inmates of excellent rapport to work outside prison confines. The income that an inmate earns while in the Work Release program is saved (minus expenses) until he/she completes his/her sentence. Once the sentence is fully served, the inmate then has a nest egg to begin life again. Not only is the income helpful, but the re-initiation into a working society can help prepare a person for the demands of holding down a job, building constructive relationships, etc.

Since the last post, T-Roe and I have continued to keep in touch via a new email service provider for the prison system. I have been applying to numerous open calls, researching graduate schools, and continuing to learn Portuguese.


I decided to explore the idea of actually using a prison styled tattoo gun to make drawings. I re-worked the design of the machine so that it would work more efficiently. Here’s the result, below.

new tattoo machine

new tattoo machine


Here are some of the first test images. I think of them as tattoo proposals. At the moment, these are  abstract compositions, testing the line and color combinations.

More to come soon.

drawing 2 closeup

test tattoo





abstract tattoo test

color test


Se lembra do adorável moço aí de baixo? O que? Você ainda está agarrado a ele? Eu sei… é difícil se desapegar. Mas para aqueles de vocês que estiverem preparados, podem mandá-lo para uma casa onde suas malhores partes serão amorosamente transformadas. Pense nisso como reencarnação.

Me mandem (ou me tragam) toca-fitas que estejam FUNCIONANDO. Lhes darei bom uso!

Remember this lovely lady below? What? You’re still holding on to her? I know, it’s hard to let go. But for those of you who are ready to, you can send her to a good home where her finest parts will be lovingly transformed. Think of it as reincarnation.

Send me (or, if you happen to be in Sao Paulo, bring by) your WORKING cassette tape players. I will put them to good use!

Casa Tomada, Holly Pitre, Rua Brás Cubas, 335. Aclimação – cep. 04109-040 – São Paulo/SP – Brasil
(próximo ao metrô Ana Rosa)

"Sony TPS-L2 Walkman First Portable Cassette Player, 2008" Ink on paper. 7x8.5 by Erik Dalzen