T-ROE: For those of you who have been writing to T-Roe, he has recently been moved to a new facility. If you’d like to write him at his new address please let me know by leaving me your email address in the comments section on the left.

WORKS: I’m working on a new group of wall objects that are made of a copper plate, security envelopes, and hardware on wood. The copper is reflective and has excerpts from some of T-Roe letters to me etched into them. I copied his handwriting and it is backwards. So, the result is that your eye does this rack focus between your own image and the difficult-to-read letter passage.

Here’s a test image.

mock up for a new group of mirror objects to be hung on the wall. copper and security envelopes





I’ve now begun an artist residency at FAAP, also located in São Paulo. Here, T-Roe and I are working on a series of prints involving various intaglio and silk screening process, “dust drawings” made from the process of scratching the ball out of ink pens used for the “Penitentiary Tattoo Guns” series, and continuing with our letter-written correspondence. Though, now, that translates into T-Roe mailing a letter intended for me to our Mom in Louisiana, who types the letter into an email that she sends to me. I email (from Brazil) a response to T-roe’s letter back to Mom, who prints it out and mails it to T-Roe. This is how we are coping with international mailing. We go around it. It’s much faster this way.

Edifico Lutetia, in Praça do Patriarca, São Paulo, Brasil